Sustainability Projects

Sustainable Growth ? Environmental and Social impact ? Responsible Investments ? Corporate Social Responsibility ? Green Bonds ? Impact Investments ?

Sustainability is a concept that has developed to such a point that most companies integrate environmental, social and governance factors within their business practice, and providers of funds such as banks are making steps in integrating those criteria within their investing and project financing decisions. Additionally, special financial instruments such as green bonds have been designed to allow companies to raise funds and finance green projects such as clean energy, clean transportation, climate change adaptation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building etc.

• Lagging behind other countries:
Some countries and companies are still lagging behind other ones in regards to adopting sustainable environmental, social and governance practice.

• Project opportunity:
There has been some specific efforts to get countries and companies up to speed on sustainable global standards and responsible investments, and I’m particularly interested to contribute to such projects within Asia (including Japan).  I believe there are some opportunities to continue raising awareness on sustainability, educate asset managers to invest and finance projects responsibly and develop green building and green infrastructure. Example of projects: project financing guidelines for the agriculture and forestry sector (i.e: Indonesia, Malaysia), green bonds issuance in the Asian region, workshops on sustainability, impact investments, etc. 

• Sustainable practice leads to sustainable performance over time:

Today, companies have access to many tools that enable them to develop sustainable activities, evaluate impact of their operations and projects and improve their practices. Businesses which have responsible practice generally perform better on the longer term compared to those with poor practice.