Anne-Laure Orosco

Consultant, Trainer, Speaker

• I like to inspire people and help them find their ways through life to become a better version of themselves and better Leaders.

• I focus on understanding personal and professional situations, encourage brainstorming and have clients practice techniques individually and in groups for removing fears, finding their passion and becoming influential leaders.

• I’m based in Tokyo and able to travel across Asia for seminars.

• 10 years of experience working for multinational companies:

I worked for 10 years in the Financial Markets and shaped my Leadership skills while working for top global companies such as Bloomberg, Metlife and MSCI.

Some of my responsibilities included trading and investing large amount of money with banks, relationship management with treasuries and central banks, environmental, social and governance analysis, green bond analysis and presentations to clients and investors as well as attending conferences.

• Education

After graduating from the ESC Troyes (Business School in France and exchanges abroad) with two Bachelor degrees (one in Business Administration and one International Management), I did my Master Degree in Management with Financial Management in London. I also hold a certificate in “Understanding Conflict and Conflict Analysis” from the United Nations and a certificated in “Interfaith Conflict Resolution” from the United States Institute of Peace.

• Passion for educating others

I’ve always been very active in attending conferences and social debates. I think it is important to keep learning and also pass knowledge and information to others.

Education is an essential base for development and a fundamental component of my professional project. I’m the founder of the  3 Tokyo Meetup groups that aims at developing personal and professional skills.

• Travelled the world:

I traveled to more than 40 countries, and I did some solo travel for a couple of months too. It was an incredible life changing experience.

I have seen a growing trend in entrepreneurship in both developed and developing countries and I’m therefore particularly keen to work with anyone looking to take on a new challenge.

• And finally:

I’m a serial thinker and innovator.  I believe in people’s ability to develop their capabilities and companies to develop value added projects.

• Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss, I speak English, French and basic Indonesian.