Let’s work together

Innodeez Consulting provides the following services:

• Global Business Leadership Training

Would you like to become a stronger business leader ? Do you need to shape your communication skills ? Are you nervous about public speaking and presentations ? Do you need to take better business decisions ? Corporate, group or individual training available.

• CV and Interview Preparation

Do you have a gap on your CV ? Have you been out of work for some time ? Did you take a career break ? Do you want to explore a new interest ? Let’s review your CV together and prepare you for interviews.

• Are you recruiting ?

Are you interested to give someone a chance ? Thank you for recognizing that people are more than just a CV. Contact us to find out the latest talent waiting for you.

• Innovative Consulting

Let’s talk about your business, let’s brainstorm, tell us about your questions, and let’s find some innovative solutions and opportunities to size. We specialize in entrepreneurship, business reshaping, language schools, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Website content.

• Business English/French for Japanese people

Learning a new language opens doors to new thinking, new ideas, new people, new world and new opportunities. We specialize in getting you up to speed with your Business English and Business French.

All conversations and data exchanged are kept confidential.


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